About Me

Jessica Starr

Tarot reader, astrologer & Welsh folk witch

Hello, welcome, croeso. I am Jessica.

I am a practising folk witch, tarot reader and astrologer. 

I have been studying astrology since the early 1990s and tarot since the early 2000s (when my lovely sister gifted me my first deck) reading mainly for myself, family and friends. 

In 2014 I came out of the tarot and astrology broom closet and since then have been sharing my gifts with all who call on them. 

I live in my ancestral homeland, Wales, with my musician husband and our two unschooled children. My connection to the land where I live, and the other beings - human and non-human - who live here, is of central importance to my practice. 

I write poems and prose for those who know that magic is real and that stories hold the power to change the world. And have been published in magazines, journals and anthologies in the UK and further afield. You can find more about my writing here.

I also have a Youtube channel where I share practical witchy wisdom for crafting a creative, magical life.